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One of the biggest and most beneficial platforms for business owners is their website. Their website allows them to have a custom design whether it be a landing page directing you to a second-party page that distributes their product, or a multi-page domain that is interactive and full of content. No matter how big and intricate or small and to-the-point your page is, what matters most is how it is designed on the backend.

Some web designers have gotten a reputation for charging $5,000-+ for a website that may be beautiful on the front, but lacks what is important on the backend. There can be all the content in the world on the pages of your website, but without proper SEO, your business will simply fall short to its competition.

If a website is not fully search engine optimized, it will most likely not appear within the top 5 domains on a Google search, thus causing a huge loss of traffic to your website. When consumers are searching keywords on Google, they trust the first page, but more so the first three-five organic (not a paid “ad”) links.

To make matters worse, when you do have these beautifully made websites by a design company and wish to change something, you will be charged AGAIN by the hour. This makes it very inconvenient as a business owner that would simply like to link the correct social media account to a widget or even add a blog section onto their page.

At White Water Agency, we not only want your brand to be seen amongst your competitors, but we also want it to be at the very top of a related search. If you’ve noticed that your newly designed website may be lacking information on the back end, please give us a call.


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