One of our biggest rules at White Water Agency is that we constantly change with the times. Whether it be the newest feature on Instagram, a new addition to Google+, or simply a better way of planning and coordinating an event, we know just how crucial it is to stay up-to-date and relevant.

Have you noticed lately that a majority of content on social media platforms is visual? Between photo galleries, GIFs and animated images, videos, and virtual reality tours, users are reading less and looking more. To make sure that your business is staying with the times, we are happy to announce the newest addition to our services at White Water Agency!

Of course, you may be thinking, “well I have an iPhone, so I can just take photos on that,” or “we don’t need photos of XYZ event..” but how many times have you said that and then also wished you had a photograph of your business winning or gifting an award, of your consumers, friends, and or family and your special event, or even the latest additions to your new seasonal menu? We’re going to go ahead and assume you need at least two hands to count the times.

Hiring a photographer or photography service is detrimental to any industry to stay relevant in an ever-growing market. Photographers not only have the artistic eye to bring your product or event to life for years to come but also offer many tools that will simply do what you iPhone cannot: lighting, shutter speed, composition, white balance, and more. To see some incredible differences between photographic food, click here!

We’re always happy to consult and talk about what your best route is to get the best bang for your buck, because when you win, White Water Agency wins. We wouldn’t be able to succeed in this new venture without our incredible team of photographers! Some of our basic packages are as follows:

Food Photography

$350 for One (1) Hour
$500 for Two (2) Hours

Event Photography

$800 for Half Day Coverage
$1500 for Full Day Coverage

Welcome to the WWA party, Photography! We’re so excited to share the latest service available at White Water Agency. To find out more about our new photography services or to get rates perfect for YOUR needs, click here to contact us!

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