As an avid Apple user and publicist, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dive into the newest product release from this technology powerhouse and see what the public had to say. They released their newest iPhone prototype this week and have since been getting mixed reviews. Did they make enough updates to the old versions that will have people spending $649+ or will this cause them to lose iPhone users to competitors like Samsung?

Personally, I think there were some great additions to the newest iPhone model (iPhone 7) like the new battery life, enhanced camera, and even the fact that it’s water-resistant, though I’m only excited for that so I can change the song while I’m in the shower. Despite the new specs, the new sleek colors, the consistency with size (my small hands thank you, Apple), and every other addition to the iPhone 7, the Apple community is not satisfied.

With the newest updates of the iPhone 7, Apple announced that the latest and greatest phone will no longer have a headphone jack, causing users to purchase a $159 pair of “Airpods” or an additional adapter that plugs into the charging slot, and prohibiting the use of an Aux cord in your car. Users took to Twitter and Reddit in an outrage with this unique “enhancement” using memes to express their true feelings.. Here are a few of my favorites.

Has Apple provided their users with something they will want to spend nearly $1,000 on, or will they see this as a huge, ugly flop? Only time will tell with their up and coming statements about the new model and of course, their sales.

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