What Facebook’s New Algorithm Means for Businesses

Facebook has recently announced some changes to its News Feed algorithm and people aren’t thrilled, to say the least. Have no fear, we’ll walk you through these changes and how you can break through with meaningful content.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced January 11, 2018 that the algorithm is being tweaked to “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” and to “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.” TLDR: You’ll see a photo of your college roommate’s avocado toast before you see a post from a brand or business that you follow. Changes like these can be nice with controversial times and topics like politics and elections.

So how can you as a brand account or business page break through this and have your content seen? There are two ways that marketing experts are suggesting: The first is to ask for your followers to add their pages to Facebook’s “See First” feature and the second is to utilize Facebook Live. Asking your followers and fans to add their pages to the “See First” feature will allow users to view their favorite pages at the top of their newsfeed with the latest posts. In regard to utilizing Facebook Live, Facebook has reported that using the Live feature leads to six times more interaction than non-Live videos.

The days of organic reach on Facebook are long gone. Businesses are already required to invest in ads on Facebook to get their content in front of their audiences, but there will be fewer opportunities to buy ads, so the prices will be higher.

Does this mean that it’s the end of marketing a brand or business on Facebook? No. It just means that marketers must adapt to these changes and recalculate their approach. Here are some tips from Adweek.com of how we can continue to thrive on Facebook..

  • Publish less content via your Facebook page, but focus on more meaningful content that reinforces key brand messages.
  • Use Facebook advertising for awareness and promotions.
  • Stop any engagement baiting in your posts now—the kind of posts that say, ‘Like this for yes, angry for no,’ and so on. They won’t work.
  • Stop posting any content with a link to your blog or website. You cannot rely on Facebook for traffic.
  • Go back to your community and produce content that encourages meaningful one-to-many discussions.
  • Produce more live videos (not pre-recorded ones).
  • Look at setting up groups to build your community.
  • Look at the areas that are growing. Chat bots and messaging should now be a definite focus, alongside your Facebook brand page.”

They say that change is a good thing and we at White Water Agency are excited for these new changes! Are you interested in learning more about these changes or having an agency guide you to the top of your target audience’s newsfeed? Please feel free to contact us today and we will be happy to help you!

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