2018: The Year of Change for Instagram


2018 has been the year of growth for Instagram. They have hit the ground running the last three months with updates ranging from fonts and gifs in the Instagram Story feature to updates with privacy controls. What’s better than all the updates to already roll out this year? They’re just getting started.

 While there are TONS of new things coming to the Instagram Story and other fun things that are still in the BETA phase, we’re going to focus on one specific update that has brands and businesses jumping with joy.


The Feed.

I’m not sure about you but I can recall numerous times where I would see incredible deals from some of my favorite companies at the top of my Feed, only to find out that the image/information was not only posted six days ago but the sale ended three days prior.

eye roll

If you’re like me and miss seeing things in order, from all accounts that you follow (because that’s the whole point in following an account, am I right?), we have good news. The days of viewing content from moments passed or from the same six accounts could finally be over. There are still times where my Feed is out of whack and I’m seeing old content, but good things take time.

Some are saying that this huge change could be Instagram finally waking up and caring about what their users are wanting after the creation of new social media platforms called Vero and Holonis. Whatever the reason may be, we’re happy about it!


So what does this mean as a business and brand account you ask? Simple. Your posts will be seen on your follower’s Feed when you post them. There is no longer the intense pressure and frustration that required you to “boost” your posts in order to raise interaction and reach – this will now be done organically again! So make sure you’re taking advantage of this new update and post often so that your followers see your great content!


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