This week we’ve all been craving a bit more LEMONADE after Beyoncé publicly exploited her husband, Jay Z, of cheating on her. Now if you haven’t seen the music video or heard the lyrics to “Don’t Hurt Yourself,” open a new tab, search Youtube.com, and buckle up (headphones and low volume are needed, definitely NSFW).  As we’ve come to learn about “Queen Bey” is that she’s fierce and she doesn’t take anyone’s crap and to be completely honest, after watching this video, I feel like I cheated on her.

Now before I upset the “Beyhive,” I want to give a few of my personal opinions on LEMONADE from a PR standpoint. ***DISCLAIMER*** though I do not agree with some of the things she’s done lately, I shamelessly listen to “Formation” at full volume.

Beyoncé has been running the world since her days with Destiny’s Child and is the reason most women have the self-confidence they do. She has been known to promote girl power, loving yourself, and recent issues in regards to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which received a lot of mixed emotions during her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII.

But besides this, Beyoncé has been a busy woman. She’s coming out with her own athletic line called “Ivy Park,” and is kicking off her “The Formation World Tour” tomorrow, April 27, in Miami. So with all of this happening, I can understand the pain and anger behind your partner cheating on you – but is that really the case?

My generation has always looked up to Beyoncé and Jay Z as “Relationship Goals” and feels as though we followed their relationship from “Crazy In Love,” to the crazy, window smashing “Lemonade.” Is this a man that really did cheat on one of societies most desirable woman or a huge, huge publicity stunt to increase sales for her up and coming athletic line and 2016 World Tour?

We may never know the full extent of LEMONADE and the real truth as to if Jay Z really did cheat on Beyoncé with the alleged Rachel Roy (PSA: Not the cooking goddess, Rachael RAY), but we can definitely all agree that if he did do it, he now has 100 problems and should probably just not come home for a while.


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