With hundreds of apps on the market that provide you with empty, ghost “followers” and spam accounts, it’s no wonder that so many companies and wannabe Instagram models are rapidly growing their numbers. I’m here to shine some truth on this issue: The number of social media followers is about as relevant as a man’s shoe size. How sad is it when you see an account with 135k followers and an average of 80 likes per post…. The answer is very. It is very, very sad.

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The quote that our parents and grandparents always told us, “Less is more,” has a lot of truth here. I would rather have 1,000 followers on my social media accounts that I know are interacting with me and viewing my content on a daily basis than thousands and thousands of useless accounts that I paid for. The real return on investment is the TIME you put into your content rather than the MONEY you spend on fake followers.

When I go on my daily social media creep-sessions while enjoying the Holy Grail of caffeine in the morning or when it’s 11:30 at night and I can’t seem to fall asleep – (Honestly, now that I think of it, probably has something to do with the three cups of coffee I’ve had throughout an average day.. oops) – I shift my focus to Instagram.

I’ll go ahead and use the fitness industry as my example, since it’s the majority of what consumes my social media newsfeeds. When I’m looking at fitness apparel companies or supplemental companies that have THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of followers, I look at their like average on content and am usually left with the feeling of disappointment.

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This makes me see that you maybe had great momentum when you started your company but your product is garbage – causing me to never purchase from you. Ever.

Whereas when I find a company with a lower follower count, but active followers constantly liking and commenting on their content, I look at them and see a company that is just starting or trying to establish themselves the honest way and that has a product that keeps people coming back – aka yes, I will definitely spend $35 on a tank top that says “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty.”

Business owners will not grow by purchasing spam accounts and fake followers that really don’t care about their product or service, they will however, benefit from an active social media campaign where they are posting relatable content often and interacting with others on the pages. So from a social media and PR professional, I am BEGGING you to stop finding value in the number of social media “likes” or “followers” and pay more attention to the content that is being posted, customer interaction and reviews.

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