When beginning your business, you may be wondering the best way to optimize your online presence from the beginning. Creating a brand presence online is one of the best ways to flourish your sales and kick start your business. The biggest decision companies must choose after this realization is who will make that happen? Will it be an in-house marketing person, a large company, or a small agency? Though it may seem appealing to have someone in-house or a large company, business owners will receive more bang for their buck by hiring a small agency to handle their online presence and marketing. Here are our top six reasons to hire a small agency to enhance your brand and company!

  1. MVP (Most Valuable Publicist) 

    When you hire a small agency, you’re getting a few professionals that can learn your brand from the inside out. They will know how to talk to your target market, they will have an understanding of what your potential clientele wants to see and hear, and they can duplicate how you generate sales.

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2. Like-Minded Atmosphere

When comparing an agency and in-house marketing, you’ll experience a collective group of individuals that are all focused and working towards the same goal. Whether they be handling multiple clients and target markets, they understand the importance of your work and will collaborate to make sure the finished product has the most beneficial outcome for you.

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3. Up-to-Date

Trends online are constantly changing whether it be the latest and greatest hashtag or the analytics in which Facebook uses to reach your audience. Whatever the trend, PR professionals are up-to-date on all the latest and greatest things happening online.

This is a key element to ensure that your content stays relevant and that it keeps your audience and clientele engaged by your brand and product.

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4. We Know People

When dealing with an agency, you have now gained press and media that is not only local but also national and international. The best part about this? You’re getting the developed relationship that your agency has instore already. This will allow your brand and product to get the optimum amount of coverage.

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5. Specialty is Key

When you hire a team, you’re given multiple people that all specialize in a variety of skills. Whether your company needs web design, crisis management, or event planning, when hiring an agency, you’re given a collective group of people that are all experts in various categories of their trade. You not only receive a specialist for each branch of your business’ marketing, but you also are given a team that will think together and use all of their strong qualities and knowledge to produce the best outcome for you.

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6. Save $$$

Think about it, when you hire an agency, you are getting everything stated above at a cheaper rate. For example; you are budgeting for your Marketing Executive (who will end up handling everything from PR, Social Media, Marketing initiatives, advertising, to making sure branding is properly done– can we say…”PLATE FULL”) and allot a $30k+ salary for this ONE person to handle everything. Why would you do that when you could hire a team,with an excessive amount of experience, professional leadership and a dedicated staff for the same price?
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