White Water Agency wants to make an ode to all the old social media platforms that revolutionized the world we know today. Our first and quite possibly one of our favorites is AOL Instant Messenger. You may have been in kindergarten when this technology came out in 1997, but you will feel a sense of nostalgia when reading through the Top 9 highlights of AIM.


1. The “Family Computer” Being a Desktop located in the Living Room(If you had your own computer in your bedroom, you were the cat’s meow)


2. The Dial-Up Sound

3. Choosing the Perfect ScreenName
(ni2ki – add me)

4. Having an Appropriate Away Message for Every and Any Situation


5. Or At Least the Latest and Greatest Song Lyrics
(Thank you Simple Plan and Fall Out Boy for creating the lyrics that spoke to our 13-year-old souls)


6. Having a Spaz Attack When Your Crush IM’s You Out of the Blue


7. A Sweet Buddy Icon That Reflected Your Personality
(I’m pretty sure I only had cats – surprise, I know – or flashing letters that spelled out “Princess” or something horrible like that)

8. Letting Everyone Know Who Your Closest Friends Are… All 25 of them.


9. Chatting With Your Buddy SmarterChild


10. Slang Words
(My fav was “Was ^”)


Thank you for teaching us all how to be a little less socially awkward and starting our online presence, AOL Instant Messenger! May you Rest in Peace. May 1997 – March 2012.

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