While we are constantly attached to our smart phones, our iPads and tablets, or even smart watches for that matter, we are constantly consumed with an array of ads, pictures, status updates, celebrity gossip, relationship changes, baby announcements, and much more. So how do you differentiate your brand and product amongst all the clutter on social networks? Instagram.

There is no doubt that we are all visual people and have attention spans that last only a few seconds, so when trying to market your brand and product, it is important to have photos that say 10,000 words in the matter of 2 seconds.


We at White Water Agency understand the importance of Instagram and how it plays a huge role in marketing our client’s brands and products. Whether it be to show the gorgeous estate of a Costa Rican paradise, the crisp and refreshing taste of our All-American bourbon, or to showcase our hilarious and educational children’s books. There are a few key tactics that we at White Water Agency take in order to make sure that the two seconds you’re exposed to our client’s product, you want to know more.

  1. A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

    This speaks volume for our Costa Rican clients, Villa de la Luna. The best way to market their brand is to show pictures of the surrounding area and of the property. Let’s be honest, when we are looking at Instagram while enjoying our morning coffee, nothing makes us dream of paradise more than an infinity pool with an ocean-front view. The content we have generated via Instagram for this client has not only provided more of an audience, but also has led to bookings.

    Villa de la Luna

2. Branding Made Easy By Personal Hashtags

What better way to interact with your audience than to see them posting personal pictures of them enjoying your client’s product? Creating hashtags for each client is an important way to brand your product, expand your reach, and also provides a fun and easy way for prior customers to interact with you through their personal accounts! There is no better feeling than a mother sharing a personal story about her child enjoying reading because of client, Zack Zombie Publishing and their hit Minecraft series, Diary of a Minecraft Zombie!

diary of a minecraft zombie

3. Provide Variety

Our client’s, Spirit of America™ Bourbon, are the perfect example of why variety is important for your posts! In any platform or market, you don’t want to sell, sell, sell. Instead, it’s important to offer an array of content so that people engage with you more. Our All-American bourbon allows us the ability to post delicious bourbon recipes, promotional contest opportunities, and especially updates with our partner organization, Hope for the Warriors.

image3 (002)

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