What’s your plan to prevent existing customer relationships from melting away in the
summer sun? What about a strategy to bring the heat against your competition and gain
more customers? Whether your focus is to engage your existing audience, grow your list, or
both, the tips below should help you keep your cool this July.

Content Ideas for July

Independence Day

A lot of countries celebrate their
independence day in July, and in the USA
the 4th of July is a perfect occasion to
reach out to your audience. Add some fun
facts about American history to your
email, and host an event to celebrate. This
is a great way to show appreciation for
your existing customers and gain new
ones at the same time!
How: Create an Event to drive attendance.

National Give Something
Away Day

The name of this holiday speaks for itself.
Whether you want to offer a free trial, a buy
1-get-1 sale, or an incentive to sign up for your
list, this holiday provides a good opportunity to get your audience engaged and excited!
How: Add a coupon to promote a sale, and
make sure to add a sign-up form to drive list

World Listening Day

It’s important to remember that customers are the lifeblood of any business. Listening to what customers want allows successful businesses to make the changes needed to gain new customers, and retain existing ones. Make sure you’re giving your customers the ability to give you feedback.
How: Add a Survey to your email so you can
hear what your customers want.

July Holidays

July 1: Canada Day

July 4: US Independence Day

July 6: National Fried Chicken Day

July 7: World Chocolate Day

July 8: National Video Games Day

July 15: National Give Something Away Day

July 17: World Emoji Day

July 17: National Ice Cream Day

July 18: World Listening Day

July 24: Parents Day

July Themes

Clean Beaches Week
Garden Parties
Tour de France
Wedding Season


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